Corporate Wear Company Corporate Conscience and Culture

Corporate Culture and Conscience


Empowering our customers to become leaders in sustainability through comfortable, fashionable and environmentally friendly work uniforms.


Inspire businesses to phase out the use of single-use plastics, one uniform at a time.



We are uncompromising when it comes to environmental issues. They are therefore truly at the heart of our decision-making processes. Every day, we surpass ourselves and explore solutions to bring our quest for a more sustainable world to life.


We love transparency.

That’s what guides us to constantly improve and build together.

It is the ground of honesty and benevolence, and in our opinion, the key to a better world.

Therefore, we apply it in all our relationships and all our processes, to make informed decisions and to make educated and sustainable choices, in all conscience.

Comfort and durability

We are aware that limiting consumption is ultimately the most effective way to limit long-term ecological impacts.

The comfort and durability of our work uniforms are strategic imperatives for us as important for your satisfaction as for the preservation of the environment.

Our History as a Corporate Wear Company

With more than 40 years of experience in the work uniform industry, Denis and his son Alexis are joining forces in 2017 with the support of Richard, their financial partner.

By joining forces, they set a clear goal: to renew the uniform industry, an industry that has been treading water for too long.

With a solid vision for the future of the industry and a sustainable mission deeply rooted in their values, Denis and his son Alexis combine their experiences and expertise with their capacity for innovation to create Hub1916.


Why Peru?

At Hub1916, we take pride in designing our styles and producing ethical and fair professional uniform collections ourselves, in Peru. It is with pride that we inaugurated our sister corporate wear company, HubCan in Peru in Lima, in 2017. Recognized worldwide as a destination of excellence for its millenary know-how in textiles, Lima offers us everything a uniform company could dream of:

  • A qualified workforce, coming directly from Peruvian textile universities
  • An incomparable choice of local fabrics
  • A guarantee on the quality and durability of the products
  • And a real passion for the industry. In addition, Peru offers us a significant operational advantage: the teams are in the same time zone, which allows us constant and agile communication to ensure the smooth running of the creation and the satisfaction of our employees

Radical transparency

Both in terms of production and cost of our ethical and fair clothing, radical transparency is at the heart of everything. Why? Because from day one, we envision being your partner, the one you work with, and the one you can trust. Therefore, we walk the talk with recognized certifications such as OEKO-TEX or the current WRAP certification.

Our Team

The HubCan Peru team - Our second family. Denis, co-owner of Hub1916, moved to Peru to ensure the creation and management of the team. With determination, we have built for several years a team of experts rich in varied and complementary know-how: Professionals of textile, design, sewing, communications, brand image and all its talents are now united under one banner.


Full control over the production process. We are a team of experts who master every step of creating your collection of ethical and fair professional uniforms and corporate wear. This ensures us impeccable supervision: from the analysis of your brand image, to the design of the collection, to the production and delivery of the products. This overall control does not stop there: we are able to control the origin of all the materials we use, whether Pima cotton or recycled polyester.

Superior quality

Quality production. Our team is made up of talented textile designers and engineers who know how to both push the boundaries of the industry and ensure the highest level of durability and integrity. By combining our development center with our production facility in Lima, we can adopt Just In Time (JIT) production. For us it is a controlled process, for you, a major advantage in terms of speed and quality of manufacture.

Fair prices

For us, a fair price means a price that adequately remunerates all stakeholders, fully responding to control and cost optimization for you. For instance, we made uncompromising resource and production choices that reinforce the intrinsic value of our corporate wear: durability, quality and recycled plastic materials. For you, the benefit is twofold: it is both a long-term investment for your brand image, and a controlled cost in terms of purchase and supply. A conscious equation, which is at the heart of our reason for being.

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